Sam has personally helped our sales team here in Oregon and we can't wait to have him back. When it comes to in-home sales, Sam is the real deal! If you are in sales or have an interest in sales, I would get my hands on as much of his material and coaching as possible.
Josh Lowe
Josh Lowe's Dr. Energy Saver


Closing sales in the HVAC industry can be overwhelming and high pressure. Every episode we will break apart the components of a sales call and walk you through all the way to the close. We will cover everything from the basic structure of a great appointment to how to overcome all the objections that con be thrown at you. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned expert, this show is for you!



Sam Wakefield has always believed in learning from the ground up and that was no different when he entered the world of HVAC. Starting on install crews and working in tight spaces, Sam knew he wanted to advance up the chain and so the next obvious step was sales but that came with fear, doubt and anxiety of rejection. Not one to be stopped he followed the advice of the great Jim Rohn that said “For things to be better, you have to get better. For things to change,you have to change”.

Sam has a true passion for understanding the sales process and interactions. I have found his insight, shared information, and viewpoints to be extremely valuable. There are many approaches to sales where Sam and I see eye to eye. However, what I have enjoyed most is his knowledge of the psychology of sales and human interaction, and his willingness to share and teach. He has helped me improve and hone my processes. Ultimately, I have been able to be more intentional with customer conversations and interactions allowing me not only to better serve my customers but to close more business! I have 11 years work experience and a background in inside and outside sales including project estimation, design and management. I have thoroughly enjoyed Sam’s feedback and it has helped me grow both professionally and personally when working with customers. If you’re ready to take your sales knowledge and processes to the next level (or if you’re just looking to be reminded of the core concepts of sales and get your mind back in the game), I highly recommend seeing Sam.
Dan Girouard


Do you know that you are capable of more, but can’t seem to quite achieve it?
Are you tired of hearing ‘I want to think about it’?
Have you ever wanted to be able to close everyone that is closeable at double the ticket price?