SAM Wakefield

Have you ever truly felt the heat of customer rejection?
Have you ever wanted the sales process to be cool and relaxed each time?
Sam Wakefield has always believed in learning from the ground up and that was no different when he entered the world of HVAC. Starting on install crews and working in tight spaces, Sam knew he wanted to advance up the chain and so the next obvious step was sales but that came with fear, doubt and anxiety of rejection. Not one to be stopped he followed the advice of the great Jim Rohn that said “For things to be better, you have to get better. For things to change, you have to change”.
Diving deep into his own growth and being willing to stand in the “HEAT” of self-development, Sam took control of the thermostat of sales. Breaking down the process, he was able to understand why customers get heated over sales pitches and give no’s to receiving cooler yeses with a 50+% closing rate. With his proven “Close It Now” sales system and Podcast working for him, Sam has not only sold millions of dollars in equipment he has gone on to win multiple sales awards while also becoming the lead sales trainer for companies in both small and large markets.

If you truly want to raise the temperature of your results, contact Sam now and book a coaching session with him for yourself and your team.